When I first started working with DNAe, the company comprised a small team of scientists from Imperial College London seeking a breakthrough in DNA analysis in order to speed up the time taken to identify infections. Now with a team of over 100 based in London and San Diego, DNAe are preparing to launch their inaugural product, LiDia®. Enabling clinicians to quickly identify the most appropriate antibiotic for a variety of blood infections that can lead to Sepsis, LiDia® will offer the potential to save many more lives.

After initially helping DNAe with the company’s brand and marketing communications strategy, Orchard is currently focused on harnessing the power of the internet as a means to reach prospective customers ahead of the product launch. This involves web site development and maintenance, email marketing, content-rich presentations and social networking.

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 A brand narrative is a means connecting a company’s customers and prospects to its brand at every touchpoint through simple, consistent and empathetic storytelling. For maximum impact, it needs to be deliverable across the whole gamut of online and offline platforms.
The cornerstone of DNAe’s brand narrative is a consistent brand promise we developed called ‘Live Diagnostics’. The term is both descriptive and benefits-focused. LiDia®, for example, can be used on-site, close to the point of need, 24/7, and generates accurate results within 3 hours. The product performs highly sensitive and specific analysis leading to fast and accurate identification of an infection - which can can literally mean the difference between life and death. ‘Live Diagnostics’ has come to represent a somewhat revolutionary approach to diagnosis. It is a term which DNAe has come to own, and one recognised and understood by the industry in general.  

At a recent exhibition to launch a prototype of its initial product offering, DNAe needed to find a way to announce its pending arrival over and above merely exhibiting it at the event. There’s a limit to how many glossy brochures attendees want to keep, yet we needed to get across the prototype’s far-reaching and notable attributes. So we decided to print a newspaper. Yes, a newspaper! Apart from being extremely practical and effective, it immediately said: This is news!  Whilst everyone else was busy pumping fragments of information onto social media, we put a physical newspaper into people’s hands and it worked.

Earlier this year, new rules came into place regarding transparency of data that companies and organisations hold on persons internally (and externally for that matter). The changes seemed to creep up on everyone, but Orchard was immediately able to put a comprehensive future-proof process in place for DNAe by establishing a manageable database (CRM) and inviting everyone on it to reconnect with the company. Now, DNAe has the ability to maintain a dialogue through well-planned and timely 'opt-in' email campaigns.